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Ten Disc 2 Tracklisting Revealed!

You’ve been voting all weekend for which Ten songs you want to appear on the second disc of the deluxe 2CD version of Ten, and now the results are in!

The disc 2 tracklisting is as follows:

1.       Graffiti My Soul

2.       Wake Me Up

3.       Wild Horses

4.       Swinging London Town

5.       Whole Lotta History

6.       Crazy Fool

7.       Girl Overboard

8.       Black Jacks

9.       Hoxton Heroes

10.   Memory Of You

The above list has been ordered by album, chronologically (to match disc 1) but we CAN reveal that the track to receive the MOST votes was The Loving Kind 7” b-side Memory Of You!

Please note – we picked up some people voting for the same song multiple times in one day, which was against the rules of the vote.  We appreciate your dedication to choosing the best possible tracklisting, but these votes have been discounted.

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  1. Nebojša MavrinacWho voted for "wake me up" and "whole lotta history"?! These tracks were on girls aloud's first greatest hits album so what's the point of having the same songs again? I'm really happy to see "swinging London town" and "black jacks" there though, shame that WMU & WLH took a place of two more great album gems like these. And of course, it's amazing that "memory of you" is there, that's the best girls aloud track EVER!
  2. Camillo LouviseOMG!!! Memory Of You is simply the BEST song of GA!! I wanted St Trinians, because they never released on their own material, but I'M EXCITED about this tracklist!!! <3
  3. Rookiesha Jamesplease make the new release available internationally we want 2 b able 2 buy stuff
  4. Lucy HatherellSome Kind of Miracle didn't make it? :'(
  5. Laura ParryLove it! I've heard all album tracks, rarities, b-sides etc so i was happy with any :) x
  6. haweskingI would remove Hoxton Heroes and Swinging London Town and replace with Watch Me Go and Control Of The Knife.
  7. IainAGraham86I don't mind Whole Lotta History or Wake Me Up being on it, but would have interesting to have the acoustic verion of Whole Lotta History instead. As for the rest, I'm fairly happy with, especial;ly Memory Of You, as that is a masterpiece.
  8. Alice_KhromenkoRandom. Some tracks really should be here and they are, but some I would have replaced. Happy to see Memory Of You!
  9. princesserussie@yahoo.frIt sad that "she" is'nt is dics two but i enjoy for Gra****i my soul.
  10. niamhpush10_ahhhhh LOVE THIS TRACKLIST!!<3 so excited for this album and tour ahhhh THE GIRLS ARE BACK BABYYYYY
  11. niamhpush10_wee bit gutted watch me go isn't on there though :'( STRIPPERS AND THE VICARS IN THE BACK
  12. GraffitiMySoul_WOOHOO! Hoxton Heroes and Memory of You are best b-sides! And GMS and WMU my fav songs from WWTNS!
  13. Chris HoogeveenPlease move WLH/WMU to disc one and put two better songs there!
  14. Paul BrakeWhy only 10 songs? You can fit much more on a CD so why not just fill it? Include the rest of the actual singles, and then take the top 15-or-so from the public vote (which might see Control of the Knife sneak in then!).
  15. Nebojša Mavrinac^ Or even better, along with these 10 fan voted songs you can also put 5 unreleased tracks, like "wicked game", "what a feeling" , "bored stupid", "boys are back in town"... I'm sure there are plenty more that we don't even know of so give us fans a treat :) or even better, make it 8 unreleased songs so there's 18 tracks on both CD's, then you can really call it DELUXE ;)
  16. Rachel Walkershame dog without a bone isnt on here.
  17. Shannon CullenDisgusted that 100 different ways isn't on the cd. Also would have liked to see watch me go and racy lacy on there too. Very disappointing.
  18. Joshua CooperI would have replaced "Wild Horses", "Girl Overboard" and "Crazy Fool" personally... Gutted tracks like "It's Magic", "Watch Me Go", "Dog Without A Bone", "Life Got Cold" or "Androgynous Girls" aren't anywhere to be seen! ...I think they should have put "LIfe Got Cold", "Wake Me Up", "Long Hot Summer" and "Whole Lotta History" on the first disc and then put their 5 covers as well as the ten fan-chosen songs on Disc 2!
  19. Larry DavisI would have added 8-12 more songs, unreleased gems and overlooked tracks like "Here We Go", "You Freak Me Out", "Control Of The Knife", "Crocodile Tears"....happy about "Crazy Fool", "Girl Overboard" & "Hoxton Heroes" and yes, "Memory Of You", as I flipped over the song in the singles boxset...overall, nice track selection...BUT I hope there will be a future release of rarities and unreleased goodies...
  20. Larry DavisI rcently made a 2CD set of complete As & non-LP studio Bs...with room for 3 rarities, and I included "St Trinians", "Money" and the best unedited versions of "Sound Of The Underground" & "No Good Advice"'s pretty sweet...oh yeah, also the single version of "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Walk This Way", never on an album...
  21. Larry DavisShannon, there are too many good songs to fit on a 2CD set...this box should have had 2 more CDs besides the 2DVDs of "Passions".
  22. Chris HoogeveenI've got both GH (1-disc, 2-disc) and on each is a different version of ITWAN. Btw, my personal top 10 is: Swinging London Town, Memory of You, Hoxton Heroes, Dog Without a Bone, Singapore, Love Is Pain, On A Round, Crododuile Tears, Close To Love, What You Crying For. But Graffiti My Soul, Big Brother and Thank Me Daddy are cool too.
  23. Daniel Anthony CorriganI think this is a really good listing. I think whatever they put on there, some people wouldn't be happy. If you want the full collection, just get the full singles box set released a few years ago - covers pretty much everything they recorded!!!
  24. SophieMazz_i think this a a real good tracking list but i would remove huxton heroes and put on deadlines and diets and maybe memory of you too but not sure what id have instead there are so many wonderful songs releced or not! but tbh till the other day when i serched it id never heared of memory of you and huxton heroes... but yess rearly happy with it canny wait for christmas till i can open my box set and listen to it!! wooooooooo! :) <3
  25. Katie FarebrotherMy favorite song on this track-list are 2,3,5,7 and 8

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