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Ten Years At The Top

Girls Aloud were on ITV on Saturday night with the story of the past 10 years, why they had a break for three years and what’s coming up in the near future.

If you missed the programme you can watch it here on catch up!

Posted on: 30/03/2015

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  1. Imy CokerLoved it, it was great
  2. Laura ParryIt was amazing! So proud of everything you have achieved so far.
  3. princesserussie@yahoo.framazing. Love this documentary.
  4. Paul DonaldI wasn't too impressed with the documentary. I thought it didn't tell the story of Girls Aloud to any justice. The editing was all over the place and it felt like it was a bit rushed. 'What's coming up in the near future...', it didn't really explain much about that at all other than the tour. What will happen beyond the tour?
  5. Paul Donaldsorry if I sound harsh, but remember fans have waited almost four years for the return of Girls Aloud and I feel as a fan a re-release of greatest hits with 3 new album songs (excluding the single) is a little disappointing. Yes the tour will happen. I was 12 when GA first began, I'm now 22 and lead a busy life, I can't even go to the tour which I am gutted about and Girls Aloud have and always will be a been a part of my life. I feel let down as a fan.

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