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Thank You!

Dear Alouders, we just want to say from the bottom of our hearts Thank you!! This tour has been an amazing experience and the perfect chance to say thank you for being on this journey with us through a decade. It has far exceeded any of our dreams and we hope we are forever your inspiration and reminder that dreams really do glitter!! Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together . Love you lots. Girls Aloud x

Posted on: 03/05/2015

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  1. Laura ParrySo heartbroken but thanks for everything and i'll always love and support you! I've loved every second of your career and being there all the way <3<3
  3. Joanna88PlThank You!!!!! It was amazing ten years!!
  4. wendyleeuwenthanks for amazing years but we gonne miss you girls
  5. NatSoldierPNHeartbroken.... will miss u so much!!! So many memories, happiness with u! Thank you for everything ♥♥♥♥♥
  6. Craig McDougallthank u for everything. there r so many memories and went 2 every concert. we will miss use all. love use all x x x
  7. ChezzasoldierIm going to miss you all so so much!! :'( Im so heartbroken! Thank you for an AMAZING!! 10 years!! When you girls started i was 10 now im 20! I am who i am today because of YOU! Your the best idols in the world! You have helped me through so much! I don't know where i would of been without you! I have met so many amazing Alouders and made so many friends with them :D Thank you for the best night EVER when i saw you in Birmingham for the TEN Tour you were INCREDIBLE,AMAZING,OUT OF THIS WORL!! You were PERFECT! I still cant believe i actually have been in the same room as all of you! All 5 of my idols on stage in front of my own eyes!! Thank you for the memories i will always support you girls!! I will NEVER stop being an Alouder!! My children,grandchildren and great grandchildren will know about you! I am so proud of you all and from where you have come from to what you all have achieved! Dreams do glitter!! I Love You!!! <3 xxxxxxxxx
  8. worthhavingThank you for the most amazing TEN years, words can't even describe how much we'll miss you :'(
  9. CCTrickySoldierThank you for the best ten years and proving that if you stick to your dream they can come true :')
  10. MattSco08Thank You for the most AMAZING TEN YEARS! You have truly stood the test of time and proved that you are meant to be where you are!! The tour was absolutely AMAZING and you proved that as a unit you are stronger than anyone! I will NEVER stop being an Alouder and will support you all on your individual projects! You taught me to reach for my dreams! I Love You Forever <3 xxxx
  11. AzoreanCsoldierThank you!! #PROUDOFGIRLSALOUD
  12. tamera carringtonplease 1 day will u make a album together please i love u all sooooo much
  13. Sophie LongdenDevistated ;( thank you Girls Aloud for giving us an amazing 10 years of music! YOUR ALL SO AMAZING AND YOU KNOW WE ARE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY! AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! Thank you Cheryl, Kimberley, Nicola, Sarah and Nadine <3 you've taught us all to follow our dreams, and that they do glitter. I've waited years to see you, and I got to see you all on one of the best tours yet! #GA FOREVER
  14. xMARILYN88xabsolutely devastated :( but the past ten years have been amazing and i wish you all every success with your future mwaaah #ALoudersAreForever xXx
  15. danitydon22@yahoo.comOmg!!! i am truly crushed! i am from the usa and didnt hear of them till 2009 just before their out of control tour and i was in love from the jump. and now they r going their separate ways. WHY?! but thanks for all the work you guys have done you all will be truly missed! im hoping in the future they surprise us and get back with a new album i fell like you all have so much more to give! best of luck girls !! cant wait to buy the dvd of the ten concert. i dont buy into the music industry much but u guys have always been the exception!
  16. danitydon22@yahoo.comwow i am reading all the comments in tears!!!! i was hoping this wasnt the last tour cause i am graduating college later this year and planned to make my first major purchase a ticket to england and a ticket to your next tour but now that will not happen.. :( im sure you ladies have gone threw alot to get this far but just know as a fan you have made it all worth it for yourselves whether you feel it or not. your music didnt seem as "evil" as whats going on in the music industry today.. thanx for that!
  17. Elaine MorrisonThanks for the last 10 fabulous years. Gonna miss you all xxxx
  18. tamera carringtonplease will u make 1 album in the futhure please tell me u will please i love u 2 much 2 let go
  20. Bayarbileg Battomoroh nooooo you girls were so amazing. i am gonna miss you so much. all the best from Mongolia we love you forever.
  21. Dániel TóthNoooo....:((( I can't believe it....:( You'll stay in my heart forever....and I'll miss and I love you so much!!! :(((
  22. Rhonda Maria RajkumarI just became a fan an I wii miss you loads....all the best for the future
  23. t0ffeecrispI will awlays be an alouder, Love Girls Aloud. Wish you all the best for the future and hopefully *fingers crossed* you will amke a comeback one day! xxx
  24. Fabian DiazThanks for all music in this ten years!!! I love Girls Aloud FOREVER!!!
  25. Jamie HallThe end of an amazing ten years together! You may have finished on the outside but on the inside your all still girls aloud youse make me even prouder to be an alouder!!!!!! Xxx
  26. Galit Lioutrinthank u! thank u about all!! i still can believe it! ALOUDER 4LIFE!!!
  27. Kevin CurranHey Girls xXx I just wana say that the last 10 years has been some of the best music i have had the privilage to hear and to TRY and sing in karaoke - didnt go to well - hahaha x But just so you know we cant speak french, but we can certainly here the sound of the underground that makes us jump in the show on a long hot summers night when we have promised that the loving kind we have for you was always be something new because you kept the songs coming and coming and for that we are all greatful for. So remember we had a whole lotta history through your reign of the charts but... altho its over,will always love you guys xxx C-K-N-N-S xxx
  28. Federica Salcicciagrazie per questi 10 anni insieme mi mancherete!!!!!
  29. Olin JenkinsI have been proud to have been a fan from the United States for many years. I will miss the harmonies that were PERFECT from all five of you together. These memories will be in my heart forever.
  30. Alva LangewohlGreetings! The site is great. Thank you for a great resource

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